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Some of you may remember I blogged once about my good friend Tiffany, see here. She is the professional organizer extraordinaire of Your Life Organized, and has helped me in the past to organize my craft room and other projects. She is celebrating the month of January being the Get Organized month by having a contest. If you are in the St. Louis or Illinois areas you really should sign up. Here is a little more info about it:

In honor of Get Organized Month, Your Life Organized will select one room to win the New Year New Room Contest. The winner will receive free hands-on professional organizing services and a $100.00 gift card from The Container Store to be used in your new room.

Nominate yourself or another deserving person by completing the online application form below and submitting three photos of the room you want organized.

Deadline for nominations is January 31, 2009.

Winner will be chosen by the public and Your Life Organized on February 10, 2009.

Tif is the least judgemental person I've ever met and she won't bat an eye even when confronted with more yarn than one person could ever expect to knit in two lifetimes. If you have a spare room that you hide in shame or want to create a sanctuary for your craft I highly recommend that you entire the contest. How cool would it be to start the new year with a new room just for you.


Lindsey said...

I need to win this! I could handle my craft room, but my closet desperately needs some professional help.

Unfortunately I'm nowhere near St Louis :(

Kendra said...

I was so ready to sign-up until I read that you have to be in the St. Louis area. My other challenge would be picking just one room. We moved into a new house this summer, and it all could use some help! I especially like the non-judgemental part! Let me know if she ever comes to AZ!

Tiffany Engler said...

Thanks for the plug, Paige. Tell everyone to check back closer to the deadline to vote for the room they think should win.


Carnation said...

hi there nice knit work. i could not join the contest though as i am in asia. i don't knit so i really admire those who do. my sis knits and she has given me a yarn scarf which is so nice of her and i really love it.

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

Man, I could use service. My office, my studio, heck through in the garden and the whole house for that matter, are in an utter state of total and complete chaos.

Too bad, I live on the West Coast or I'd enter the contest.

Random Musings said...

Great gift for someone in St. Louis!


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